Create table online

Creating an online table can become time-consuming and difficult if you do not have adequate technical knowledge, with Basebear, on the other hand, you build it in no time without installing software or programming.

With an online table you take data to the web and share it with or without access permissions. Basebear, with its data management and search features, helps you work better and easier. You don't have to worry about creating a website, maintaining a server infrastructure or writing code, Basebear does it for you.

Start by registering on the Basebear site; you can do this for free. Next create your first database. Now you can create your table by choosing to add the columns you need or by using an Excel file. Each column represents a single field with specific properties based on the value it is to contain, which is why there are different types. After you have completed the table structure, you are ready to use it. Click on "Go to data" or directly on the table name to access the data page. Here you can add new records(rows), edit, delete and perform many other operations.

Create an online table from Excel

As I anticipated you can also create a table directly from an Excel file. In Basebear you can choose to upload an Excel file, and the system will automatically create an online table based on the first sheet in the Excel file. In the first row the column names must be specified.

The system also allows you to copy and paste a portion of data taken from the Excel file to avoid loading the whole file. Again, you must specify in the first line the name of the columns.

The integration with Excel is bidirectional; you can export the table data to Excel, edit it, and upload it again by editing the existing online data. This also allows you to be able to make a copy of the data locally.

Table access permissions

Do you want to keep the table private and grant access only to certain people? With BaseBear you can manage access permissions and grant users only certain permissions: see data, edit but not delete, show only certain columns, you can choose as you see fit according to your needs.

Log into the database sharing page, add users' emails and send them a notification to log in. The email contains the url and login credentials.
On each user you find the option to set permissions, custom ones allow you to set them more specifically.

Include a table in one of your websites

On the database share page you will also find a "Go to procedure" link where you can include the table in a page on one of your Web sites.

Choose the table, define the settings, and copy and paste the HTML code into your own website page. To better match the colors of your site you can change the color to the database through the appropriate "Color" page.