Database online ready in no time.

A few simple steps to organize and share your data.

1. Create database

Build a new database from scratch or use one of our database template.

Create a database

2. Create tables

Add one or more tables to the database. Use Excel to create one automatically. Create filtered views on data and set up email notifications to stay updated on changes made.

Add the tables

3. Add columns

Add text columns, numbers, email, file and other type of columns. Sort the data by one or more columns and create relationships between tables using a list column.

Add columns

5. See the data on the calendar

Use the calendar to see the data of events table, activities and all of those table have a date-time column.

Set calendar

6. Choose a color

Customize the database with a color.

Set database color

6. Share with custom permissions

Share your database with other people and grant them custom access permissions. Enable viewing, editing and deleting only on some tables and columns.

User list

6. Insert data

Now access to your new web application and insert data.

Show end manage your data