Terms and Conditions

1. Important Information

This agreement describes the terms and conditions as Basebear offers its service to the customer. Purchase and use of the service (software as a service) you agree with the following terms and conditions.

2. Basebear Service

According to the terms and conditions of the contract Basebear offers a service to the customer.

3. Definition of Terms

We refer to Basebear with the words: "Basebear", "Us ", "our". We refer to the Customer with the words: "Customer ", "Subscriber".

4. Eligibility of customer

The service is available to individuals and/or existing legal and / or validly constituted, that they can sign binding contracts under the law.

5. Property and Copyright

Customer acknowledges that all materials (except all data inserted by users) provided by Basebear through its site, including documents, products, logos, graphics, sound, interfaces, graphics, software and services, a member of Basebear and can not be reproduced without the consent of Basebear.

6. Customer information

Customer represents and warrants that the information he included in the documents, contracts and forms provided by Basebear is true, accurate, current and complete. If the information entered did not meet at least one of these criteria, Basebear have the right to suspend and/or terminate the client account and the said contract.

7. Customer data

The Customer is solely responsible for the information you have entered the Basebear server. Has full responsibility for archiving its data and sole responsibility for any loss of data and irrecoverability. Basebear erase the data of the Customer to terminate the contract. Basebear reserves the right to delete the customer's data if the customer does not make use of the service for more than a 6 months since the last logged on.

8. Customer Accounts

The Customer can delegate others to act as his representatives to use the services, provided that the authorized person has the legal capacity to sign contracts. Also represent and warrant that the person registering an account on his behalf are authorized representatives of the Customer with its legal capacity.

The Customer is solely responsible for access and use of services Basebear by authorized users under its account. The Customer is responsible for defining the access of authorized users.

Customer is solely responsible for the identification data (email and password) necessary for the use of our services and is responsible for the activities derived from its use.

The customer, if it becomes aware of an abuse of your account and services Basebear signed by him, must immediately report them to Basebear.

9. Permitted use, Customer's conduct and policies Basebear

The Customer undertakes not to use the services Basebear to disseminate defamatory, or offensive to human dignity on freedom of religion, racism, terrorism and/or representing torture, violence or death. Not to disseminate content that may be offensive to the dignity of minors. Not to disseminate content that constitute infringement of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Not to spread any illegal and/or obscene or that promotes illegal activity or inciting hatred, for example, but not limited to: the arms trade and gambling. Upon detection of such abuse Basebear suspend its service, and will cooperate with the judicial authorities and law enforcement.

The Customer undertakes not to allow or commit negligent actions which could open to civil legal action.

Violation or attempted violation of Basebear the system and/or aiming to stop the services will be prosecuted according to law.

10. Warranty

The Customer expressly understand and agree that:

a. The use of the Services is at your sole and own risk. Basebear services are provided "as is". Basebear and its suppliers disclaim all warranties regarding the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or timeliness of its services, software or content.

b. Basebear makes no warranty that: I. The Service meets the needs of the customer; II. The service is not interrupted and is timely, secure or error free; III. The results from the service are accurate and reliable; IV. The quality of service meets customer expectations; V. Any errors in the software will be corrected.

11. Limitation of Liability and compensation

Using Basebear is at the sole risk of the customer. If the customer is not satisfied with any aspect of the Service or these terms and conditions, or any other rules or policies, your sole remedy is to discontinue use of the service. The Customer is expressly acknowledge and agree that Basebear not be held responsible in any way for direct or indirect, incidental, special or exemplary damages emerging. The customer agrees to hold Basebear, its affiliates, officers, employees, partners, directors and agents, indemnify, and hold harmless from any claim.

12. Change and modification of the terms of service and contract

Basebear reserves the right to change at any time, the terms and conditions of the contract and service. Also reserves the right to discontinue, change, suspend, terminate the service completely or one of its parts. Customer acknowledges the service the possibility of establishing lines of usage that may limit some of the components of the service.

13. Resolution

Basebear may immediately issue a warning, suspend the service, temporarily or permanently, close the customer's account and refuse to provide services to the client if:

a. Basebear believes that the Customer have violated or acted in a manner inconsistent with this contact, or to subscribe to a policy that entails;

b. The customer has not paid fees or other amounts due;

c. Basebear is unable to verify or authenticate any information provided by the customer;

d. Basebear considers that the actions the customer may well give rise to legal liability for the client to other clients, or for the same Basebear.

Customer agrees that Basebear is not liable to Customer or any third party for any termination of the service. Upon termination of this contract by the customer or Basebear, all rights of the Customer, arising from its signature, including the provision of services Basebear, will cease with immediate effect. The sections on customer data, warranty, limitation of liability and indemnity and this Section, Resolution, shall survive the termination of the contract.