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Online database

Basebear is the simplest way to create online database software without being a computer expert. Do everything on the web without installing apps.

An online database is not only a system for organizing your data but it is above all the way to improve to change your company for the better.

Before Basebear the team information was lost between emails, Excel files and documents on the desktop. Finding something cost time and often led to misunderstandings. With data scattered everywhere, the team was struggling to coordinate.
With Basebear the quality of work has improved significantly. The information is now organized and easily accessible. Collaborators now know where to look for and share data. People have become more effective, more productive and do their job in less time and this has improved them.

"Before long we could build un'applicazioni online without high costs."

- Daniele Scetta, Farmaimpresa Group Srl

"Basebear has allowed us to work remotely and share information with our colleagues."

- Emanuela Carriero, DPV spa

"With Basebear I had the opportunity to secure my data online and share it with customers and suppliers without problems."

- Paolinelli Devincenzi Bruno, Edishop B.P.D. e C. snc.

"The ability to create tables online has allowed us to keep the data aligned and organized like never before. When we need to know something now we know where to look and we can do it quickly."

- Simona Luglio, A.R.I. AssoRistoItalia Srl