View the actions log of the table

In BaseBear you can show, for each table, the information regarding the date, the time and the user which entered or modified a record. Here's how:

  1. Enter BaseBear.
  2. Click Edit button below a database name.
  3. Click Settings button of a table.
  4. Choose "Show" option in "Show the information of when and who creates and modifies the data" and save.

This will display, in data table, 4 additional columns: who created the record, when it was created, who last modified the record and when it was last modified.

Another way to have the actions log is to enable notifications on the table selecting Inserted, Edited, Deleted options. The notifications will send an email to a chosen recipient when there will be a change on the table records. This is also a way to keep the changes made on the table.