Build a database from scratch

Below you have an example of how to build a Customers database with Name columns, Address, City, and Email.

  1. Enter BaseBear.
  2. Click "Create new database" button.
  3. Enter “Customer management” in database name, choose "Create a new database" option and click Create button.
  4. Create the first table of the database clicking "Create table" button.
  5. Enter "Customers" in table name and click Create button.
  6. Add columns to the table clicking "Add column" link.
  7. Choose “Short text”.
  8. Enter “Name” in Column name and click Add button.
  9. Click "Add column" link.
  10. Choose “Short text”.
  11. Enter “Address” in Column name and click Add button.
  12. Click "Add column" link.
  13. Choose “Dropdown”.
  14. Enter “City” in column name.
  15. Enter "New York", "San Francisco" and "Chicago" one per line under the Options label.
  16. Click "Add column" link.
  17. Choose "Email".
  18. Write Email in column name and click Add button.

Now the database is ready. Click "Go to data" to use the database.