Customize notifications

In BaseBear you can use notifications to automatically send e-mails containing the data of records added, modified or deleted. Notifications can be customized, as we see:

Customize recipients: In the settings of a notification, you can write one or more email recipients separated by a comma.

In addition to email, you can write the column name, this way [column name], to have dynamically a recipient email address. In this case the email will be captured from the data of a record in the moment in which this is inserted, changed, or deleted. The value of the column will still be a valid email.

Customize the subject: In the object of a notification you can be write, in addition to plain text, the name of a column, this way [column name], to dynamically add the column value of the record inserted, modified or deleted, when the notification is sent by the system.

Customize the body: You can customize the body entering the column name, this way [column name], to have dynamically the value of a column.

In the body you can add more keywords to get other types of information:

  • [TableName] the current table name.
  • [DatabaseName] the database name.
  • [RecAction] name of the action that was performed.
  • [RecData] records involved in table view.
  • [RecData([nome colonna 1], [nome colonna 2], ...)] records involved in table view with only the values of the specified columns.