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How do I renew the plan?

To renew you must go to BaseBear, select the link "Account", select Renew and follow the steps. Remember you can renew only in 20 days before the expiry of your current solution.

Can I switch from free plan to paid plan?

Yes. You can buy at any time a paid solution without losing your account information and data entered.

How do I change my plan?

Go to your account page and select "Buy" at one of the solutions offered. If you switch to a major plan you can buy at any time, the cost of any unused days of the current plan will be deducted from the purchase of the new plan. If you switch to a lower plan must wait until the end of the subscription.

Can I buy a new plan if I don't have consumed a current plan?

Yes, if you want to buy the solution that is superior to that in use, the remaining days paid will be deducted from the cost of the new solution. No, if you want to move to a solution than is necessary to complete the entire period purchased.

Can I switch from paid plan to free plan?

Free will return automatically to your account at the end of the paid plan.

What happens when I delete my account?

If you delete your account, all your database with associated data and files will be deleted and no longer recoverable.

Where can I download the invoices?

Use the link "View and download invoices" in page of your account.

Why do I need to specify the time zone?

Used to see all the dates in your time zone reference. Each person can choose their own time zone, instead of the anonymous people (not-authenticated) will use the time zone associated with the database.


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Can I export database data?

Yes, click on the link "Export Database" in the Database list page. The export allows you to download tables data of a database in CSV format. Export does not include the files attached to the record, if you need to download the files, you must make a request via email to

Why I need to specify a time zone of the database?

It is used to define a reference time zone for anonymous users who use your own database.

Can I publish a database on my website?

Yes, you can insert a table or form in your web page. In the sharing page of a database select the link "procedure", choose a table, copy and paste the generated HTML in your web page.

Can I hide the BaseBear logo?

In database settings you can enable the option to hide the logo BaseBear. The option can be configured only with Professional plan or higher.


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How many tables can I create?

The limit is 100 tables per database.

What's a filtered table?

It's a table showing the data of a normal table. Allows you to set the criteria to see only certain records and columns. For example, if a user wants to display only those records that have the value in column city Rome, you can do this by creating a table filtered by setting policy and giving the user access to view only the filtered table.

How do I create a tables related?

Add a column list (drop-down list, multiple choice, single choice) to a table. In the properties of the column select the "Get values from a table." Then choose a table and a column from which to load the data.

Can I edit the table data from an Excel file?

Yes, you can export data in Excel format, edit in the Excel program and re-import applying the changes. To do this you must have a primary key column. A primary key column is used to uniquely identify the rows in the table. Normlamente using a "ID number" column but you can use another type of column, the important thing is that the column values ​​are different for each row of the table.
Also recommend that you import only the columns and the rows that need to be modified and of course the primary key column.

What meaning a empty value on a filtered condition?

If you add a filter condition where a text column is equal to "blank", it will show all those records where the column has no value.

Can I use a "datetime now" in filter condition?

Yes. You must write today()

Can I see the informations of when and who creates and modifies the data?

In the settings of a table set "Show" in "Show the information of when and who creates and modifies the data". This option add 4 columns: "Created", "Created by", "Modified", "Modified by".


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How many columns can have a table?

The limit is 100 columns per table.

Wich value can I insert for a True/False column on a filtered condition?

Values can be true or false

What is the "show / hide" to be specified for each column?

Used to show or hide a column only in table mode. The column is visible if you see or edit a record.

How I can set "datetime now" in the default value of the date-time column?

You must write today() in the default value of the date-time column.

What is max file length to upload?

The limit is 50 Mb.

How to use the Formula column?

Check the Formula guide


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How many notifications I can send?

The number of notifications depends on the type of plan purchased. On your account page you can see how many email notifications can be sent per day.

How many recipients can I insert for each notification?

You can specify 20 recipients per notification.

Notifications are sent even if you change the data in a filtered table?

Yes, if the source table of the filtered table has been set notifications.


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What types of files can I import?

Data can be imported from CSV, TSV and Excel.

There are limits on the size of the file to import?

You can import a file up to 50 Mb while observing the number of records you have available.

There are limits on the size of the file to import?

You can import a file up to 50 Mb while observing the number of records you have available.


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What is the URL that appears in the page sharing?

It is a web address directly to the current database that you can use for example in your web page.

What is public access to the database?

A public database is accessible by anyone without username and password.

What happens when I delete a user with whom I shared a database?

The user will be deleted from all of your database and can not access it. The data that may have entered into your database, however, will not be erased.

What is meant by "Pending registration"?

When you invite a person they must register for the service first to use it.

How can I add data to an anonymous user see without those already entered by others?

Set up a database as public, select custom permissions and choose the option "You see only the records that created it."

Can I show a user only his record?

On the page custom permissions associated with a user, choose "You see only the records that created it."